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Fitted kitchens, where to buy?

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The 5k would ideally cover flooring and fridge/freezer and possibly oven and hob. (We are taking our relatively new washing machine and dishwasher.) Our current plan is to leave our range-style cooker because I am undecided about going for integrated ovens with a separate hob, or having a new freestanding oven. If we decide on the latter, we could take our Smeg with us and then save up for a new oven later on. The flooring would not be tiles but might be wood if we can afford it, or marmoleum/lino if not.

custom kitchen pantry


Tizwozliz: love the look of your kitchen . Good tip about the units from IKEA and then upgrading the appliances. It also means we could add them as and well we can afford them. So, maybe, get two tall units with spaces for integrated ovens, but start with just one?

stand up pantry


Sunnyshores: that is really useful to know … yes, maybe I need to go back and see if I can persuade my husband to put a bit more in the kitchen budget. (The ‘new’ house, as a whole, has been neglected for about 20 years, so there is lots to be done!)

IKEA does seem to be my best bet, and I do like the style of their kitchens.

Can I slightly change the question and ask, if you had more to spend (20k), which brand would you go for? (Our other option is to patch and mend the 70s kitchen, save for four or five years, and then put in a more expensive kitchen. But we’d have to closely inspect the existing one to see if it can be made to last for five years.)

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