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Remodelando la casa: kitchen organization – pull out shelves in pantry

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Why it took me forever to do this? My tools, that was the main reason. I don’t have a table saw, and the miter saw I own is so cheap, I don’t trust it any more for precise cuts.

pull out kitchen pantry


Now, the great thing was, I didn’t build the drawers! I didn’t even install them. 🙂

Hmmm this sounds like a sponsored post but it is not! I can only give a big THANK YOU / shout out to my brother in law: Stanley, he is the Pro who owns Kitchens with Style. In one of our family reunions he heard me talking about my pains and tribulations with this pantry. Well, he offered to check with his distributors for the kind of shelves/drawers I needed, he took some quick measurements and that was it. Two weeks later I found a big delivered package at my front door! Wow, it was like Christmas came early! He also offered me help on installing the drawers, of course I couldn’t refuse that offer 😉

kitchen pantry pull out shelves


So, here is what I learned while he installed the drawers:

The pantry was emptied, duh of course 😉

One of the biggest troubles I had when contemplating how to build the drawers were the dimensions, the width and and how deep into the cabinet they should go. That’s why I took measurements of what we used, so in case you’re building your own you can relate to this.

pull out shelves for pantry


The face frame opening is the one to be measured, after all, the drawers have to go thru that opening 😉 As a rule of thumb he said, leave 1-1/8″ space for the slides.

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