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Dining room extension tables

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Have you ever felt like your dining table was too large or small? An extension dining table can solve that dilemma. Extension tables give you the power to add length to your dining table through either a butterfly extender or sliding extender. The result is a longer dining table, which may be suitable for family celebrations and gatherings or special occasions. Some people even like to extend their dining tables when working on crafts or other projects that require significant amounts of space.

pedestal coffee table base


Small Dining Room? No Problem!

Do you have a small dining room with limited space for a dining table? Why not opt for an extension dining table? During regular mealtimes, you can keep the dining table at its shortest length, maximising the size of your room. But when you want to make the table longer, you can do so with ease and confidence.

extension table


Buy an Extension Dining Table to Fit Your Lifestyle

Every home is different, and every homeowner has unique style. Our new and used extension tables from the sellers features on House of Home appreciate your uniqueness. Browse our online marketplace to find extension dining tables in:

folding pedestal table


Colours ranging from traditional hues to classic tints. We even have some clear extension tables if you’re looking for a table with an ultra-modern feel.

Styles that are appropriate for the majority of homeowners. Whether you’d like a replica piece or one that’s Danish in styling, you can find it in House of Home’s collection of extension tables.

Shapes that work in cosy and spacious dining rooms. For example, the D-end table – an elongated rectangle with what looks like two half circles at either end – is well-proportioned for bigger rooms or in open concept homes where the delineation between spaces isn’t distinct.

How to Design a Dining Room That Gets Traffic

Getting family members to use a dining room on a regular basis, especially if they are new to the concept, can be a challenge. That’s where some creativity can work its way into your planning:

Make the dining room space a place that works for other activities, such as board games, homework and bill paying.

If the dining room is large enough, add a seating or conversational area.

Start a rule that at least one meal has to be eaten in the dining room every day – and stick to it yourself!

Set the dining room table with fresh flowers to brighten it up.

The more you use your dining room, the more you’ll fall in love with the space. Browse our online marketplace to discover everything you need to create the dining room of your dreams.

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