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Metal pedestal table bases

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards are imperative to comply with at all times if you are a business or restaurant owner. In the food industry, customer safety is vital. If you have ever worked in a restaurant in any capacity, you probably were well aware of exactly when the inspectors were coming in to determine if your kitchen and other food practices are up to the legally required health and safety standards. What is bizarrely inconsistent about the health and safety standards and inspectors in charge of making the final determination for each restaurant is that although there are standards that extend beyond how food is prepared and presented, these standards are not given much attention.

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The fact of the matter is that there are standards in place when it comes to business furniture, there are just no inspectors that check up on these details. As a result, many business owners and restaurant owners choose to neglect the standards. If you wish to be truly compliant with every ordinance, you should contact us at Gyro Bases to discuss our table bases built with safety in mind.

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What Are the Downsides to Not Complying Fully with OHS?

This is a situation where you may be able to get away without complying with every ordinance for the entire duration of your business being open. If, however, you fail to get away with it, you could be looking at many costly results. Although there are no formal inspectors in charge of making sure that your furniture meets the required standards, if through any means your lack of compliance is formally noted, you may have to face some bitter consequences. The worst case scenario though is if one of your staff members or customers is injured due to failure to comply with the required legal standards. There are substantial legal grounds for that individual to file a suit against you.

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This is a case where if nothing goes wrong, the ramifications of not following the required ordinances will probably never amount to much. It is always better to be safe than sorry though when you consider the costs of something going wrong. Additionally, a table with a table base that meets health and safety standards are likely going to be of higher quality than those that do not, which should give business owners extra incentive to run their business legally and appropriately.

Where to Find Furniture that Meets OHS Standards

At Gyro Bases, every piece of furniture that we sell has undergone laboratory testing to ensure that it will meet the legally mandated specifications for your business. Whether you are seeking a metal table base, a pedestal table base, or tables that can effectively fold flat, we make sure that the design you prefer is readily available in a form that meets the necessary standards. We understand that while you absolutely should find furniture that keeps your customers and staff safe, that you also do not want to sacrifice the aesthetic of your business.

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