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5 best desk chairs – aug. 2016 – bestreviews

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Our decision regarding which chair is the “Best of the Best” has been a tough one. In this review, we cover two top-tier ergonomic chairs that, while not the same, are nevertheless almost impossible to separate. However, the one that wins the award as the very best desk chair is the Steelcase Leap. The top-notch Aeron by Herman Miller made it a really close contest, but in the end, it’s the Leap’s all-round performance that just shades it.

white executive chair


In terms of style, the Steelcase has the advantage of being contemporary without being outlandish. It comes in a choice of colors, which means you have a better chance of fitting it in with your decor. Construction quality is very high, and while many office chairs receive some criticism in this area, the Leap does not.

executive computer chair


A combination of automatic responses from the chair and manual input from the user allow you to tune the Steelcase precisely to your ergonomic needs. You tailor the Steelcase to your size, shape, and weight for maximum comfort. Yes, you pay a considerable price for that flexibility, but if you’re going to spend hours in the chair every day, it’s worth the expense.

office chair executive


In our final analysis, it’s the comments from those who use this chair day in and day out that really made the difference. No chair suits everyone, but most find the Steelcase Leap exceptionally comfortable. In fact, several people who owned an Aeron in the past found the Leap to be superior. There’s really no better recommendation than that.

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