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White desk chair reviews and information – tips for healthy living

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First of all, why would anyone want to make a website only about a white desk chair? Well, if you think the white desk chair is boring, bland and basically something to be overlooked, think again.

white armless desk chair


It has plenty of uses, it is used in many places such as offices, schools and homes, and let’s face it, it can be darn cute as well.

white chair for desk


There are many benefits that one can have when sitting on it, depending on the type of course, and on this website we will be exploring the various types that are best suited for your own preferences, so when you go out (or online) buying your new desk chair, you will know exactly what to get and where to get it cheapest too.

white desk and chair set


A white desk chair , also called a white office chair, is extremely useful in any school, office or room furniture. Nowadays owning one is really making a fashion statement, particularly if the person owning it is a girl. However everyone can easily use the chair to sit on and when you do get the one that you like mostly, you will find it very comfortable and flexible.

white office desk chair


Although you can easily go for darker color chairs, white has actually become a very popular decorating color for many offices at home and in businesses. If your office is usually boring and bland, adding that touch of white color to it will simply add to it an extra pop of freshness that it needs.

white student desk chair


Depending on the material, it is usually very comfy, strong and durable and it can last you for several years without any repairs or replacements needed. You can easily find a white leather desk chair in a real, genuine leather or for a cheaper alternative a faux leather with chrome legs and casters with wheels, and some chrome accents at the sides, or for your patio you can even get a white wicker desk chair, or a white wooden desk chair. You have find these desk chair types with a full or mid-sized backing. Also some come with a padding on the back which is preferred by many people.

white wooden desk chair


Also some types are made of an upholstery material for the seat and/or back. This makes for a nice informal setting that gives a relaxing atmosphere to the employee. There are also made of other materials such as molded PVD, mesh upholstery and even painted wood.

The molded PVC is extremely easy to clean and care for. Also it’s quite durable and resilient so it will last you for a long time. The mesh upholstery chair is actually more comfortable than PVC, however it is not as easy to clean it.

When the wood is the primary material for a white wood desk chair, you can have it with a carved wooden seat or a padded seat attached and upholstered in many different materials and textures. You can find this style with either stationery legs or as moving swivel chairs that have casters and wheels on them. The good thing about wooden white desk chairs is that they can be easily repainted at any time, whenever you notice that the paint started to chip away.

Here are some characteristics of a good and comfortable white desk chairWhen you are about to buy your new white desk chair , you need to make sure that it is ergonomic, meaning that it is very comfortable for your back and it won’t make your back hurt when sitting for a long time in it. Thus it should help avoid back strain and basically promote overall good health.

Also the seating should be adjustable based on your own needs (and height). An average seat height ranges between 16-21 inches off the floor. This basically allows the person sitting in the chair to comfortably have their feet flat on the floor without any strain and the arms at the same level as the desk height. Also the width and depth of the white office chair should be enough to support the person quite comfortably.

Furthermore the standard seat width is usually between 17-20 inches wide. When you look at the depth from front to back of the seat, should be just enough for any person to sit easily with their back against the chair backrest while at the same time leaving a small gap of 2-4 inches between the knees back and the actual seat.

There are two different types of white desk chairs: mobile and stationery. When you are about to buy your new furniture piece, you need to decide which type to go for. A mobile chair, or a white desk chair with wheels, is basically one that has wheels on the legs which allow you to glide from one place to the other one with ease. The static desk chair is basically non-moving, as you need to get up from it and walk to get wherever you want to get to. You can find white antique swivel desk chair types in this model as well.

Also some chairs have a foot rest that is perfect if you need a higher chair than the average size. And finally a chair with an armrest is much better and more comfortable than one without the arm rest. You can have a straight armrest or a curved one, it all depends on your personal preferences really.

If you like chairs with armrest, you should get one with a cushioning on it. Basically the desk chair, white or not, should offer you as much comfort as possible and any additional feature that you can get with your purchase is the best for you. The differences in price are not that great and you will end up with an excellent piece that will last you for a long time.

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