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Environmental molding concepts (emc) – deck tiles

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DeckTop Architectural Tiles recycled rubber flooring mats are ideal surfacing rubber mat tiles for use to protect fragile roofing membranes and other decking applications where a durable, resilient and slip resistant surface is needed. These rubber decking tiles are manufactured to 24″ x 24″ nominal width and are available in a thickness of one and three eigth inch (1 3/8″) to provide great protection for and to soften roof top space and decks for outdoor use.

interlocking decking


The rubber deck tiles surface provides the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and ease of installation for your rooftop, deck or patio. Roof DeckTop Tiles can be installed over any firm, flat surface, including fragile waterproofing membranes, without using adhesive. This rubber deck and patio tile features a unique underside design that allows water to drain freely under the tiles.

decking tiles interlocking


Roof Deck Tiles

When installed over fragile roofing membranes, SureKONNECT Pins are used to create a durable floating deck system that protects the roof from use while providing excellent drainage allowing you to capture roof top space as outdoor living space. While the Roof Deck Top Tiles may appear identical to recycled rubber playground tile mats, these roof deck mats are made to a higher density for enhanced durability and puncture resistance for rooftop, patio and deck applications.

Deck Tile Expansion and Contraction

DeckTop recycled rubber tiles are made from crumb rubber. The natural and beneficial properties of crumb rubber that make it an excellent and proven raw material for roof top protection, patio and decking applications (resilience and durability), also contribute to tile expansion and contraction with changes to sun exposure and changes in temperature. As the rubber tiles absorb heat they will expand and get larger. As the heat dissipates when the exposure to the sun is removed and/or the temperature drops, the rubber tiles will naturally shrink. This normal and to be expected change in tile size may result in gaps between tiles during cold weather with lower UV intensity. Perimeter containment should be utilized to minimize tile shifting during periods of expansion and contraction.

The best way to minimize “gapping” between recycled rubber tiles from occurring is to condition the rubber tile mats prior to installation and to provide as much shade (natural or man made) as possible above the area of installation. Conditioning the rubber tiles is done by spreading all of the rubber tiles out in an area that does not have direct sun exposure and allowing them to relax to their natural size. In high heat, high UV exposure conditions (Summer), installations will be more difficult to achieve proper conditioning and may result in the need to make adjustments to the rubber tile installation the following Spring.

Rubber Deck and Patio Tile Benefits

DeckTop Architectural Rubber Tiles are an excellent choice for creating a resilient and slip resistant protective surfacing over fragile roofing membranes, patio decks, plazas or in any space you need a slip resistant protective surfacing. The rubber tiles are made from recycled tire crumb rubber that is:

Highly resilient to provide softer, more comfortable surfacing,

Extremely durable to provide lasting performance under extreme outdoor conditions as well as indoors,

Proven safe through extensive in-the-field as well as in the laboratory testing,

Naturally slip and skid resistant in wet or dry conditions,

Lightweight and easy to handle.

Recycled rubber tiles and rubber mats made from recycled tire crumb rubber have a proven history of performance dating back more than 25 years. DeckTop Architectural Rubber Tiles are a safe, reliable, low maintenance and easy to install rubber protective surfacing. Choose DeckTop Architectural Tiles and create an inviting area to be enjoyed for years to come.

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