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Area rugs. small and large rugs

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Different sized spaces will have different carpeting needs, but almost every floor frequently walked or stepped on can benefit from the addition of a chic, appropriately-sized area rug.

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Hallway: It should be long enough to cover most of the walking space here. If the hallway is unusually long, experiment with using two different runners. Choose complementary colors and designs and separate them at a natural break in the floor or decor for a natural feel. Because this is an area heavy in foot traffic, it’s best suited for a runner constructed with a durable fabric, but one that retains softness, as guests will likely not be wearing shoes while walking on it. Cotton and jute are classic combinations of function and comfort.

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Dining Room: It should not only cover the entire space under the dining room table’s legs-all four-but it should also extend out to the dining chairs. The shared carpet space between the table and chairs ties the dining set together and adds to the feeling of community during a family meal or dinner party. Because food or drink may spill, look for durable, easy-to-clean materials. Polypropylene, for example, is both soil- and stain-resistant, making it an excellent fabric to place under both indoor and outdoor dining tables.

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Living Room: Pull an expansive living room in closer with a style large enough to cover the entire sitting area, extending all the way under at least the front legs of all chairs and sofas in the area. Use smaller designs to cover just the area under a coffee table to create a closed-off sitting space with its own style. Combining more than one small rug instead of using one large one is good for sitting rooms with multiple areas-a media-viewing zone, reading nook and more. If the space bleeds into another room in your house, bring the two together with a large runner that covers some floorspace in both, or separate the two rooms by ending a runner on the edge between them. Comfort should be key when looking at materials here, as you want your sitting room to be cozy and inviting. Flatweave wool and cotton-wool blends are good living room choices.

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