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How does industrial carpet differ from residential?

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Industrial carpet is typically used in commercial properties and is better adapted to these settings for a number of reasons. There are differences between this type of flooring and the material used in residential properties. This is something a cleaning professional must keep in mind when approaching a job site, as the style of the flooring will dictate the best form of treatment. For this reason, professionals in the cleaning industry should train in both residential and commercial cleaning if they plan on working in both settings.

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How is industrial carpet different than residential flooring?

Residential flooring is designed with comfort in mind first. A home is somewhere to relax and get comfortable, and a plush surface to walk on is an important part of this approach. Thick padding is particularly important for families with children, as children will spend most of their time on the floor. Residential carpeting typically has taller pile and a fairly loose loop design. Both of these produce the plush feel that homeowners want from their flooring.

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Durability and economy are the most important priorities when producing commercial flooring. Businesses experience a much higher degree of foot traffic, so its flooring needs to be able to take the punishment. Residential flooring installed in these areas would deteriorate quickly and be flattened right away, taking away its plush feel. Commercial material generally has a short pile and tight looping, providing it with the density needed to spring back under pressure. Commercial carpeting can also be cut in a larger variety of sizes and is generally less expensive, so it is easier to incorporate into an expansive floor plan.

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This additional durability and economy means less comfort, which is why commercial grade flooring is rarely found in homes. It can, however, be a good choice for home offices, as it produces less friction when moving around chairs and can convey a professional look.

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How can a technician learn industrial carpet cleaning?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers a variety of certification courses to professionals in the industry. Among these is the Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician course, or CCMT, a class that instructs technicians on commercial flooring cleaning and maintenance. A total of 14 hours will be taught over two days, the CCMT course exposes students to a variety of commercial cleaning situations. Students will learn about the basics of commercial flooring construction, standard cleaning methods, cleaning equipment, safety procedures, and preventative maintenance techniques. Upon completing the CCMT course, they will be able to perform most forms of restorative, preventative, and salvage cleaning.

There are several differences between residential and commercial flooring, and these differences will affect effort’s to clean the material properly. For this reason, a technician who wants to provide the best service possible should consider certification in both residential and commercial treatment through the IICRC. Look online for a class near you.

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