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Zebra wood veneer

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Dear Veneer Customer,

You can use these real wood Zebra Wood Veneer sheets to create beautifully veneered furniture quickly and easily! Re veneer old surfaces like a pro. Amaze yourself and your friends with your skill and expertise.

wood veneer inlay


Turn out a gorgeous project, veneered with Zebra Wood Veneer, in an afternoon. We show you how with our simplified videos, tutorials and FAQs.

raw wood veneer


The 1/64″ paper backed Zebra wood veneer is thin and flexible. Use it on flat areas and even on curved surfaces. 44 Sec. You Tube

zebra wood veneer


The 3/64″ wood backed Zebra wood veneer is thicker, sturdier, more forgiving. 38 sec. You Tube

Glue this wood veneer down with carpenter’s glue or contact cement. Or order your Zebra wood veneer with the optional 3M peel and stick adhesive.

wood veneer wallcovering


Optional 3M peel and stick adhesive sticks like crazy. Lays down flat, fast and easy. No mess, no fumes, no clean up. We recommend it. 36 sec. You Tube

wood veneer patterns


The Zebra wood veneer is pre sanded at our factory, ready to be stained or finished.

Apply a stain or a finish the same way you would to any wooden surface.

Cut with a scissors or a razor knife.

Grain Direction: The grain goes the direction of the second dimension. Example: On a 2′ x 8′ sheet, the grain goes the 8′ way.

Lead Time: Paper backed – 1 work day. Peel and stick, wood backed, wood backed peel and stick – 3 to 4 work days.

Shop With Confidence: Decide, select, and change your ordering options while you watch the price change on the screen. There is no risk. You can abort your order at any time. Your order will not get processed until you are satisfied.

Guarantee: We’ve been in business since 1974 and we value our reputation. Check out our No Quibble Guarantee.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait one more minute. Veneering is fun and easy. Think how proud you will be when you show off your newly veneered project to your friends and family

Place your order right now!

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