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Lay It All Out

Floor plans give you a bird’s-eye view of a space, like indoor rooms and outdoor areas. You sketch out your walls, windows, doorways, and other structural elements then place appliances, seating, and dГ©cor. A library of shapes makes it easy to drag and drop furniture, appliances, plants, and more wherever you need them – and to rearrange them whenever you change your mind.

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What could you do with floor plan software? Take a look:

  • Plan classroom seating with floor plans
  • Show potential buyers a real estate floor plan
  • Create floor plans for inventory spaces, office spaces, supply rooms

    Plan party configurations by moving seating, food areas, and entertainment spaces in a dynamic floor plan

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  • Rearrange furniture in a household floor plan
  • Design your dream kitchen floor plan
  • Depict architectural changes in a remodeling floor plan

    Detail electrical and telecommunications needs in a floor plan that includes outlets, cable hook ups, and phone placement

    free house plans


  • Create interior design presentation floor plans
  • Go Beyond Graph Paper
  • Gliffy works like the office applications you are used to, so getting started is simple and intuitive. Just drag and drop shapes from our extensive floor plan symbol libraries to design everything from walls and windows to plants and furniture in your floor plan.

    And whether you’re designing for yourself or a client, you may need to share your floor plans. With Gliffy, you can publish, export, and share your designs – and even invite others to edit them! Gliffy makes it easy not only to create floor plans, but to work as a team on floor plans with anyone, on any platform.

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