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We are offering a special collection of original ART DECO BRONZESВ with rare examples by Chiparus and Priess, and a collection ORIGINAL CLARICE CLIFFВ and our ART DECO WALLPAPER with Art Deco?designs for THE ART DECO HOME

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Pre-Raphaelite Trail in Sussex

We have started a new and unique AGENTS SCHEME, and we are looking for agents in the following areas; Australia, Poland, Sweden, Canada, North America, Scandinavia, China, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, France, Italy and India. This will involve no capital outlay, enabling the agent to work from home with the full range of products and services offered by THE ARTS and CRAFTS HOME. Please follow this link, AGENTS SCHEME for details.

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We have the great pleasure to offer a NEW! collection of the finest replicas of WILLIAM MORRIS TILES that I have ever seen! These are astonishing! MORE MORRIS TILES

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We have a NEW! INTERNATIONAL ARTS & CRAFTS page, and are looking for contributions to help fill in all the gaps! Especially if there is anyone in Europe or America who might wish to help with the as yet missing European and American pages I would be very pleased to hear from you!

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If you live in, or know of any Arts & Crafts ENCLAVES & COMMUNITIES please let me know and I can add to this NEW! list. So many small communities around the world were designed and built with Art & Crafts ideals, and to find out more about the Arts & Crafts heritage in your area these books will help;

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The Pre-Raphaelite Trail in Sussex, The Arts & Crafts Movement in the North-West of England and Arts & Crafts Walks in Broadway and Chipping Camden I have a NEW! antiques page, ANTIQUES WITH HISTORIES which will monthly feature an antique that has a particularly interesting or unusual history or provenance.

We have a NEW! collection of ART DECO FABRICS in the Art Deco Home Collection and a section of ART DECO ARCHITECTURE, and in the Art Nouveau Home collection we have added the following NEW! pages which might be of interest ART NOUVEAU LAMPS and ART NOUVEAU LINKS

We have arranged a partnership with a SPECIALIST INSURANCE company for your Arts & Crafts Home and Arts & Crafts antiques.

We have initiated a LOYALTY SCHEME for clients, offering discounts to our regular customers.

We have an ORDERING & SHIPPING page that will answer your questions regarding the purchase of items, and for all other queries please read our FAQs. We pack and ship all ANTIQUES and goods for door to door delivery worldwide, and we will mail FABRICS and WALLPAPERS samples free of charge. We have also introduced a LOYALTY SCHEME. For International Visitors, please use the translation facility into CHINESE GERMAN JAPANESEВ KOREANВ FRENCHВ  ITALIAN PORTUGUESE SPANISH

Our ANTIQUES can also be packed, shipped and insured for worldwide delivery. We have an ‘ANTIQUES FINDER’ service and ‘ANTIQUES WANTS’ list. We also have a range of vintage CURTAINS

Please complete a visitor QUESTIONNAIRE as I would be delighted to hear your views, and I have all our PAST NEWSLETTERS available for readers.

Please look at our INTERIOR DESIGN and ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES company, where we are able to assist with design, build and renovation of Arts and Crafts houses.

We have an EXCITING RANGE of VOYSEY WALLPAPERS. There are also many new AESTHETIC WALLPAPERS design wallpapers to browse on the wallpaper pages. Please contact us for details.

Please look through our new ARTS & CRAFTS KITCHENS on our kitchens page, and pictorial histories of LIBERTY & CO, WALTER CRANE & KATE GREENAWAY Our ANTIQUES can also be packed, shipped and insured for worldwide delivery. We have the most unusual collection of rare Arts and Crafts originals and Arts and Crafts antiques available anywhere on the internet. We have an ‘ANTIQUES FINDER’ service and ‘ANTIQUES WANTS’ list. We also have a range of vintage CURTAINS

We manufacture and supply originals and replicas of the Arts and Crafts Movement by William Morris, Voysey, Mackintosh, Dresser, Godwin, Pugin, De Morgan, Knox and others. CHECK our STENCILS and GREETINGS CARDS.

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