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Choosing a general contractor

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Prefab home manufacturers are beginning to pick up on green building trends and are starting to incorporate the principles of eco-design into their products.

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Though they were late getting into the game, Prefabs are now credible competitors in the housing market with some really great new designs and innovations.

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If you are going this route look into a home that is at least Novoclimat certified (minimum 25% energy savings compared to conventional housing), you can even find LEED Certified pre-fab homes.

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There are two significant environmental benefits with prefab houses: their components have never been exposed to the elements, and all their cuts are made at the factory where everything is calculated to minimize losses. So right here you are reducing the waste generated by your project.

low cost modern prefab homes


This option is not necessarily cheaper than a house built on site by a contractor, but the delivery schedule may be more realistic. This can be beneficial with planning, and help you make a quicker transition into your new home.

It can be a bit of a juggling act to purchase property and finance a building project while continuing to pay for housing through rentals or mortgages. In this way, a Prefab home can save you some money, simply by not carrying two properties for the year or so during a building project.

4. Doing the work yourself.

Don’t choose this option because you think you will save a ton of money, for many reasons that isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on your experience there may be a hefty learning curve and you may make mistakes along the way. Also put a dollar value on your time; either you will give up weekends for the rest of your natural life or you’ll need a leave of absence from your job at the widget factory.

This is not meant to talk you out of it, but to help you realize what you are getting into. You will need a place to live during the build, which means carrying two mortgages, renting, or finding other living arrangements.

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