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Cocoon9 creates line of upscale prefabricated tiny homes

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“Cocoons also appeal to community and resort developments that require multiple, duplicate units.”

Cocoon Studio

The homes are built in a factory and then transported to the site fully assembled. The process takes four months, from start to finish.

small prefab home


Building the homes in a “closed environment” reduces potential defects, labour costs and weather-related construction delays, said the company.

prefab homes small


Cocoon Studio

Cocoon9, which has factories in New Jersey and China, will deliver a home to any site within the United States.

prefab small cabins


“In remote locations with limited access to labour and materials, Cocoons are a cost-efficient alternative to on-site construction,” said the company.

small prefab houses


Cocoon Studio

Buyers are required to build the home’s foundation, achieve necessary permits and connect the utilities. The buyer also must cover shipping costs and is responsible for renting a crane that is used to place the home on its site.

Cocoon9, which has one architect on staff, was founded in 2010 by American entrepreneur and investor Christopher Burch.

Cocoon Studio

“Having noticed the tiny home movement, Christopher Burch developed Cocoon9 as an entirely new solution to homeowners’ and developers’ demand for space efficiency and sustainable luxury,” said the company.

Burch started the clothing brand C Wonder and is the former husband of fashion designer Tory Burch.

Cocoon Studio

An increasing number of architects and developers are investigating the possibilities of prefabricated units to provide cabins and second homes or tackle affordable housing shortages in cities.

Recent examples include the House project by UK architect ShedKM and developer Urban SplashВ in Manchester, a prototype low-cost home in Copenhagen, andВ aВ modular, micro-unit apartment towerВ in New York City.

Last year also saw theВ launch of Revolution Precrafted, a company that aims to “democratise” architecture withВ small prefabricated homes and pavilions by more than 30 famous architects and designers. Its latest additions are a pod byВ Mexico City-basedВ Fernando RomeroВ and a glass-walled home by German firm J Mayer H.

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