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They were sick of paying their mortgage. they went to their shed and: omg!!

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Many of us wish that we had more money to throw around. In fact, I wish I had enough money to build a giantВ vat filled with gold coins that I could dive into – just like Scrooge McDuck. Though, diving into gold coins may hurt.

sheds as homes


Perhaps it would be nicer to haveВ a largeВ vat filled with expensive cashmere scarves. The cashmere would all be from an eco-friendly goatВ farm where all the proceeds from the sale of the magical-feeling fabric would be donated to a fund that cures every fatal disease in existence. I’d also donate 20 of my comfy scarves to 20 cold kittiesВ in need every month, making every kittenВ in the world a little bit warmer and fuzzier.

barn shed homes


Yeah, that’s what I’d do. And it seems like a better use of my money. That or buildingВ a movie theater in the middle of the desert.

sheds converted into homes


Of course, I don’t have a mortgage to pay off. Nor do I have to travel for work.

But not everyone is soВ lucky. Some people have to do some pretty crazy things to make ends meet. OneВ couple in Portland, ORВ decided to take the decaying shed in their backyard and flip it into a money-making machine. Or at the very least, a mortgage-and-travel-paying-off machine.

sheds converted into small homes


Jenny and Michael had to travel a lot for their jobs and had a mortgage that needed to be paid. So, they decided to flip their backyard shedВ -В which was too small for a carВ -В into a lovely, tiny home. They then listed this home on Airbnb, a companyВ that lists available rooms for out-of-towners to rent in lieu of a more expensive hotel room.

Check out how this couple transformed a rotted shed into a stunning tiny home. Make sure to SHARE these inspiring pictures with everyone you know!

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